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  • Found my 00 Tacoma
    I have been looking and saving up for a car for the past few months and I had my mind set on a 1st generation Toyota Tacoma. I had spent a little over a month looking on autotrader, craigslist, and driving around my local used car dealerships, before finding the car that suited me best.
    I was pretty set on buying a truck I found in Arizona, but before leaving for my credit union (to get a loan) I decided to check autotrader ONE last time. Lucky for me, I saw a new truck had been added, and that it was on my way to get financing.

    I stopped in, met the owner Gale and his son Christopher, and within 10 minutes I KNEW i had found a great place to buy a car, and to top it off they had the EXACT car I had been looking for with LOWER miles, and in better condition! Not to mention it was at an incredibly competitive price.
    I decided then and there that this was the truck for me and told them to take the "For Sale" sign off, that it was already sold! I was instantly approved for a very low APR at my financial institution, and thought I would have my new truck within 24 hours.....Man was I wrong.

    My companies current accountant decided to pursue work elsewhere, and left without updating months of financial information. Since this was my first time getting a loan I didn't really know what to expect or what I needed to show my credit union. I quickly learned that the information that I had from my accountants records were patchy at BEST. They told me that they couldn't approve me with incomplete financial records... The excitement that I had felt about buying my first truck were slowly crumbling before my eyes.
    After talking to Gale, he assured me that there was nothing to worry about, and that we would find a way to make it work. Suffice to say it took over a week, but I finally managed to get my loan approved through a different bank, all thanks to Gale's recommendation. I have to admit there were quite a few times during that week where I honestly thought I wasn't going to be able to buy the truck of my dreams at a price I could afford.
    I have worked in sales my entire life and this is a place where I didn't feel like I was being "sold". Chris and Gale were just a couple of guys trying to help me find the vehicle that best suited my needs, at a price that wasn't going to leave me hungry. I am extremely thankful that I decided to check autotrader "one last time." After I picked up the truck I brought it to a toyota specialist "Lextech" that I had found through reading yelp reviews. After a detailed inspection they confirmed what I had hoped, that the car was in AMAZING condition, and they could not find anything wrong with it. After the inspection a couple of the guys asked what i paid for it, and when I told them their only response was "MAN, YOU SCORED"

    I recommend this place 100%, Give these guys a call and if they don't have what your looking -Lucas D

  • Vehicle Search 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500
    Thank you Christopher Jon Voight for helping me find and buy my new truck! You made the process extremely easy and got me a great deal. If you are looking for a new or used car, I would recommend talking to Chris first. I'm extremely happy with the truck! -David L

  • Seen A number of Posts
    I've seen a number of posts of people wanting recommendations on car purchases. I have had a great experience with purchasing through Gale Voight, an old timer, at Car Search in Eagle Rock. After narrowing the target on the "new" car I wanted, I decided to go second-hand and buy "used". Reasons being 1)New cars drop in value immediately upon driving it off the lot, 2) I trusted Gale to not buy a "lemon" or a broken beat up car, 3) I didn't like the new features and body style in comparison to the later years. I searched for weeks for the car, generally being given the run around by sales people who told me they had the car of my specs, but when I went to the dealership, they didn't actually have the car. It was a bait and switch to get me to buy something else. I remembered my daughter had gotten a great deal on a second-hand car from Car Search, so I decided to give him a call. I gave him my specs, and within a weekd he found the car, checked it out, serviced it, changed the tires and handled the registration. No hassle whatsoever! The car is great-we've had it almost 2 years. It's a 2005 Honda CR-V and within that time has only needed a new battery and a couple of light bulbs. We've driven it to and from LA and Las Cruces, NM near El Paso and up to the Canadian Border. No Problems. I love the car, and I love the service! -Ms. Budlong

  • 2006 BMW 330I
    Car Search, Thank you very much for the upfront and honest service. Gale and Chris were polite and at ease with the way they helped me to get into my new car. I sincerely appreciated their "non-salesman" type approach to service, I can't explain how irritating a pushy badgering sales pitch is. Again I thank you both for making this positive experience even more positive. -Matt

  • 2000 Honda Civic
    We purchased a 2000 Honda Civic for my son from Car Search. Gale is the owner and was our salesperson. He was very helpful, no pressure and explained everything. GREAT BUYER'S EXPERIENCE!! -Adrianna

  • Hyundai
    After weeks of fooling around with curbside dealers, people from craigslist and driving all over town looking for a car, and listening to the same made up story to another, I said to myself that I had enough. I didn't trust dealing with these people, and I wasn't getting what I wanted. So it happened that came across Car Search, and I could finally trust that I had someone who was looking our for me and my "To-Be" car. I got a great car, and all the hassles are over! Thank you Gale and Car Search, -Linda

    I wanted to thank you for helping me in finding me a car. With my occupation, I don't have that much time nor do I have an excessive amount of funds to purchase a car with. I am really happy with the speed and the professionalism in which you found my car. You really know your business when it comes to vehicles. I have been looking for a car for awhile and I don't think that I could have found a better deal anywhere else. The car is great and runs well. It was definitely afforable and I like that you were willing to work with my schedule and finances to help me get the best deal in a short amount of time. I also appreciate your recommendations on which insurance company to use. I had spent over two weeks the last time trying to look for the best deal on insurance, and now I am now paying less than half of what I was paying before on insurance and didn't even have to look! THANK YOU! -Ms Monaghan

  • Flourish and Prosper!
    Hey Gale! I wanted to write you a brief note of thanks for the work you did to get a car for me. I can tip my hat to you for (a) your patience; (b) your care; and (c) your ability to exactly duplicate and materialize the car of my choice. And, to boot, you did a superb job of arranging the financing. The car is utterly to my liking. It looks and runs great...just right! (Another not: when my insurance agent got the specs on the car and its price, she commented on what a good deal I got.) It took a couple of months for everything to fall into place for me, but you hung in there. And before I'd even made the car purchase, you'd managed to direct me to two communication lines that have had a SIGNIFICANT, positive impact on my personal life (completely disrelated to cars). I couldn't say that, nor any of the other points above, about any of the others I've dealt with in the area of purchasing cars. Thanks again, take car and Flourish and Prosper! -Mr. Seagal

  • Very Pleased
    "I wanted to let you know both how pleased I was with my purchasing experience during and after my recent acquisition. I plan to do business with you again in the future." -April W. from Los Angeles, CA

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